A story of colour

Floating Flowers

who are we?

Our story started many years ago when Melanie, the founder of SowManySeeds, went to live in an Indian village up in the Himalayan region of Uttaranchal. The women who lived in the area were a constant source of amazing resourcefulness in their ability to forage for food and grow crops. The knowledge of flowers and plants for medicinal, culinary and therapeutic uses was passed on from the elders to the younger generation, enabling them to live alongside nature with a respect and trust that seems to have been somewhat forgotten along the way in modern times. Certainly nature influences mood and emotion so immensely, yet so simply, and this sparked a passion for gardening, vegetable growing and foraging that became part of Melanies' life over the last couple of decades or more. 

SowManySeeds was born from seeing the disconnection from the outside world due to our busy lives that we live today. The hope that by encouraging people of all ages to venture outside and relearn to wonder at the magic of what nature has to offer and feel uplifted by sowing something as tiny as a seed and watching it manifest into a beautiful flower is the idea behind the business. There are times of joy and their are times of pain in all our lives, yet the spark of growth from a seed gives us hope and with hope we can also grow.