Known to most as a medicinal herb, Feverfew has historic and current uses for health including being used as a painkiller, a womb 'strengthener', and a tea for calming down from hysteria! The name Feverfew derives from the word 'febrifugia', which means 'fever reducer'. A daisy-like flower that blooms in summer from a bushy spread of pungently smelling aromatic leaves, this plant will grow to approximately 0.5m height and spread within 2 - 5 years growth.  

This plant does not attract pollinators in general and so would benefit being sown away from other flowers that are pollinator friendly. However some small hoverflies do like it, and so it is included in our stock for that reason.


Sowmanyseeds does not recommend that you use the herb for the above unless under professional supervision from a qualified herbalist. 

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium)

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    • Tanacetum parthenium