Forget-me-not has a delicate beautiful blue flower with 5 petals and a subtle yellow centre. It is a biennial flowering plant so will flower in its' second year of sowing and then self seed vigorously! 


Forget-me-not has many stories behind the name - In the 14th Century it was eaten by folk who named it as such due to its foul taste.  In the First World War it was used as a symbol for fund raising for the widows and orphans left by those who had sadly lost their lives in the war and from then, it has become symbolic of remembrance in many cultures. 


Forget-me-not is a good plant for attracting pollinators into the garden, flowering between June and September so has a long flowering span.

Forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica)

    • Myosotis sylvatica