A personal favourite - Nigella damascena is a beautiful dainty annual flower which blooms from feathery dainty foliage that grows to approximately 0.5m height and spread. Thiscultivar is 'Miss Jekyll' which is an indigo blue colour. The pods can be left to disperse the seed at will if you don't mind where they creep up the following year, or you can take the seed pods off and dry them.  Store in an airtight container for the following year - or seed swap with a friend or neighbour!


Love-in-a-mist is the common name in English which has been so called due the feathery foliage that surrounds the flower, giving the impression of the lovely flower surrounded by a mist. It symbolises love - the bringing of 2 people together. 

Fantastic for pollinators!

Love-in-a-mist - Miss Jekyll

    • Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll