Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue' is a beautiful bright blue flowering annual. It is actually a climber and is therefore useful for filling in spaces, up fences or obelisks, where other flowers haven't emerged yet or have already been and gone. 

Morning Glory is so called due to it's opening of the flower with the rise of the sun and the closing in later afternoon. The flowers are also quite short lived, sometimes only a couple of days, but if the plant is trailing and getting enough sun, the flowers should be plenty - remember to deadhead to encourage new flowers!

There are some reports that this flower can be toxic to cats, dogs and horses so apply caution if concerned. 

Excellent for bees though!!

Can grow up to 3m in height in some places and can spread up to 45cm across. Sow March and April in situ. Flowers June to August.

Morning Glory - Heavenly Blue

    • Ipomoea 'Heavenly Blue'