Antirrhinums always bring easy colour to the garden. Common name 'Snapdragon' - so called as the flower is said to resemble the opening and closing of the mouth of a dragon when the flower is pressed on either side. The name Antirrhinum comes from the Greek word 'Antirrhinon' which means nose or snout. 

These 'Snappy' mix grow to approx 25cm tall. Sow in trays under cover in early spring or late autumn in a sunny position and keep compost moist. When seedlings have grown their true leaves, transplant to individual pots and then once the frosts have passed, they can be placed in their final destination - suitable for pots or borders. They like full sun and if you keep them deadheaded, will flower for a good flowering season. Let them seed if you want them next year too! 

Fun and cheerful!

Snapdragon 'Snappy mix' - Antirrhinum

    • Antirrhinum A majus 'Snappy' mix